Friday, June 22, 2012

Song #24

Title: "Still Be Around"
Artist: Uncle Tupelo
Album: Still Feel Gone, 1991
Written by: Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, Mike Heidorn

Not only a favorite to listen to, but a favorite to perform. My musical partner in crime Dave and I pull this downer out whenever we play, and it is so much fun to sing. Fortunately, I took the vocals when we first figured out our arrangement, but Dave has been trying to steal the lead vocal from me ever since on it. Don't blame him, it flows so naturally. I remember we played this at some gathering where ANCIANT was present, and he complimented me on the lyrics. I almost said "thanks," but I finally had to fess up that it was a cover. I guess I was honored that ANCIANT would think that I could write a song this great.


Anonymous said...

Since I bashed your basketball analysis, I'll give you credit for this one. Good choice.

JMW said...

Great song off one of my favorite records.