Thursday, June 21, 2012

The New List: 24 Songs

After I finished my recent 5 Star Albums list, ANCIANT suggested that the next list should be Dez's Favorite Songs.  I've thought about doing a song list for awhile, but songs come in and out of favor so frequently.  Albums are easier to rank since there is more there to consider, more to analyze.  A favorite album (or film, also) is generally going to keep its spot on my list over the years (although not always).  Songs seem so dependent on time, circumstance, mood.  But there is a core set of songs that are always there to return to.  So I decided that would the criteria here.  Whereas I try and be as objective as possible on my lists, objectivity goes out the window on this one.  These are Dez's favorite tunes, plain and simple.

I made a rather lengthy list of songs that would at least be considered.  I figured the list should be about 25 songs.  Any more than that and you'd get into the territory of what do I love lately vs. all time favorites.  I went through the list and highlighted the no brainers, the ones that I had no hesitancy in putting in my Top 25.  The ones that just jumped out at me, that are ingrained in my DNA.  When I was done I had 24 songs.  Cool, I just need one more.  But then I ran into the problem I mentioned above.  I had about 20 or 30 songs that would contend for the final spot, depending on my mood or when you asked me. 

So, I had 24 songs that passed the "no hesitancy" test.  Fine, 24 it is.  These are songs that I have loved for a long time (most of them).  I may not listen to them for long periods, but I always return to them over time.  When I hear them, I still get that rush of excitement.  That is also part of the test.  I may have loved them for 10 or 20 years, but when I hear them do I still get excited and crank up the volume, stop what I'm doing just to listen and take it in. 

As I list them, I will also specify the particular version.  For some of them, a live version is why it is there.  I'll give you the info for the song, try and post it if possible, and give you a sentence or two for trivia or why I dig it so much.  Alright, first one coming soon (probably tomorrow).

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JMW said...

Wow. Nice. A strict 24, I like it. Someone on Facebook the other day asked for the best American songs of the 20th century (simple, I know), and it got me thinking about this. Maybe I'll join you in some way.