Friday, June 22, 2012

Fine. Congratulations.

Ok, you can scratch off "not having the heart of a champion" or "not being clutch" off the list of my reasons for disliking Lebron. There is no denying his epic performance during the playoffs this season. One of the best of all time. But my other reasons still stand. The statute of limitations has not run. But perhaps hate has faded to mere dislike.


Anonymous said...

The King has authorized me to accept your limited (and pathetic) attempt at an apology on his behalf. He feels that the ring speaks for itself, so he forgives you for your insolence.

I guess I just don't understand your level of outrage. Yes, poor decisions were made, but unlike Dan Gilbert, most of the media and thousands of other haters like you, Lebron's poor judgment was never malicious. In my memory, only Tiger Woods and Kobe have endured the same level of criticism and scrutiny, and they were involved in scandals off the court/course. Lebron has been a model citizen, and even the poor planning surrounding the Decision was based on a large donation to charity. In other words, I think your criticism is unjustified.
Also, a certain level of arrogance is expected when you are the absolute best on the planet at what you do. Wasn't Jordan arrogant? Magic? You are certainly entitled to dislike Lebron or any other player, but I just don't understand the animosity.
Finally, I stand by my assessment that your analysis of the Finals was full of crap. The good vs evil and team vs arrogant superstars descriptions were a joke. The Thunder don't play as a team (see games 2-5), they have the best young/old flopper combo in the league with Harden and Fisher and Westbrook has the highest talent/IQ ratio in the league. The Heat were the real "team," and that's why they won. Battier, Cole, Chalmers and even Miller made invaluable contributions.
Stick to music, RayTM. Basketball analysis isn't your strength.

Anonymous said...

ray, i will tell you exactly why i like lebron now. there are two main reasons:

1. he absolutely got his comeuppance last season, in HORRIFIC fashion (to my delight). remember game 4? wade his a three right in front of the dallas bench to go up by 15 in the 3rd quarter (i believe). wade had his arms raised up for about 5 seconds, then was nodding 'yes, yes, yes' to lebron while lebron was hitting him in the chest. in their eyes, they had just won the title. you could see it. within a few minutes, however, everything had been blown up, thanks to nowitzki. lebron got taught a lesson last season, and he seems to have learned from it.

2. lebron is the most fun player to watch in the league. the guy is freaking amazing. i love watching him play.

that being said, i still would root against the heat if they're playing certain teams. i dont know who i would have been for if the spurs had made it. i will never root for a franchise that fucks over it's previous city, though.

another will see JVG or phil jackson coaching the thunder within 2 years.