Friday, June 1, 2012

More Sting vs. Stew

Don't know why I enjoy fights between Sting and Stewart Copeland so much, but here's another infamous clip. The very 80's vibe of the whole clip is great, but go to about 3:30 in the clip and Sting and Stewart get into a wrestling match over a newspaper. Notice Andy, as usual, standing on the sidelines somewhere between bemused and bored. They are clearly playing around and having fun, but it gets pretty physical actually, and Sting got a cracked rib out of it.


Subliminal Gary said...

The lesson to all bass players is don't fuck with your drummer's newspaper. He can kick your ass.

Dezmond said...

Perhaps, but if you look closely, it is Sting who ends up with with the (torn) paper in the end.