Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Song #6

Title: "Overkill"
Artist: Men At Work
Album: Cargo, 1983
Written By: Colin Hay

Longtime friends and associates know of my obsession with Men at Work. No surprise that they would have a tune on this list somewhere. "Down Under" may be a little more famous and more fun, but "Overkill" is the better song. Colin Hay is my favorite rock vocalist, and this song really shows the guy's amazing range, which has remained, for the most part, intact. And lets not overlook the other members of the band. Greg Ham's (RIP, earlier this year) saxes are front and center, and Ron Strykert is a fantastic, melodic, underappreciated guitarist. Colin Hay tours both with a band and solo acoustic these days, and I would suggest catching him if you can. Not only is the music outstanding, but he is very engaging and a funny storyteller when onstage. I saw him in a small club in Austin awhile back, and he could not have been a cooler guy. He hung out after the show, signed autographs, shook hands and told stories. What a great dude.

Bonus clip: Here is the famous episode of "Scrubs" where Colin shows up and plays "Overkill" solo acoustic. It has been edited together from the episode so the song plays all the way through. Very funny.


Subliminal Gary said...

I Triple Dog Dare anyone to talk bad about Men at Work. I will come through the intertubes and crack your aces!

Another brilliant pick, Ray. It almost makes up for all the Neil Young.

Anonymous said...

Put down the pipe, Subliminal Gary! Dez's infatuation with Neil Young is easily the strength of this list.

Typical 80's fare. No further comment necessary.