Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Song #16

Title: "Red Rain"
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Album: So, 1986
Written By: Peter Gabriel

This is the song that first got me into Gabriel's music. Stewart Copeland plays the hi-hat on the track. Not the drums. Just the hi-hat. And even with just the hi-hat, you can tell that it's him.


JMW said...

Is this the only Gabriel song on here? And if so, does it mean it's your favorite Gabriel song? I like it a lot, too, just curious -- since you're such a huge Gabriel fan it would be an interesting piece of information to have.

Dezmond said...

It is the only Gabriel in the Top 24. I made a Top 200 (Playlist for my iPod), and he has plenty there. But, this is it in the Top 24. For a long time, it would have been "In Your Eyes," which I still think is the greatest rock/pop love song since 1980. But yeah, "Red Rain" is so powerful to me, and I picked it also because it was my gateway drug to the rest of Gabriel's work. I remember picking up the cassette for "So" on somewhat of a whim, and that opening track had me immediately hooked on Gabriel's whole thing. I also think it is his best vocal performance, and that voice is so unique to me.

ANCIANT said...

Yeah, I wouldn't put this as Gabriel's best. I tend to like his more rocking, up-tempo numbers. "Shock the Monkey" maybe. Or, "Solsbury Hill." Or "Games Without Frontiers." Those are all better than Red Rain.

Subliminal Gary said...

I take Tim's side on this one. I'm not a big Gabriel fan, but he has a lot of great songs. This one doesn't do it for me, though. I feel like Solsbury Hill is probably his best work.