Friday, July 6, 2012

Song #19

Title: "Changes"
Artist: Yes
Album: 90125, 1983
Written By: Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Alan White

90125 was one of the more remarkable and unlikely comebacks in rock and roll. Yes were seen as the poster child of the bloated 70's by the time the streamlined New Wave 80's rolled around, and had been seemingly powerwashed away by the force of punk. But Yes, or this new version of Yes, led by new addition Tevor Rabin, reinvented itself brilliantly with their most successful commercial release. "Changes" is the centerpiece of the record, wonderfully combining elements of New Wave with Yes's prog-rock roots.

BELOW: I couldn't find an acceptable clip for the studio version, so here is a live version of the song that kicks quite a bit of ass, despite the 80's fashions.


JMW said...

Meh. I prefer "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

Subliminal Gary said...

Changes isn't even in the top 24 wanky prog-rock songs of all time.